Our Heavy Metal Hedgehog House has been specially designed to create a safe place for hedgehogs to hibernate and rear their hoglets.


Hedgehogs in the UK have declined from an estimated 30 million in the 1950’s to fewer than 1 million today. And their plight continues. Their habitat has been lost and degraded in both urban and rural environments with the removal of important dense hedgerows. These were once ideal places for strong wintertime nests which are essential for hedgehogs to survive hibernation. Without them, their fate is uncertain.


During the summer and autumn, hedgehogs collect leaves, grass, straw, bracken and reeds to make their nest. Historically (before their removal in recent decades) these were built deep within hedgerows, under fallen logs or in piles of brushwood. Hedges provide excellent space for nests, abundant supplies of invertebrates for food, safe places for rearing young, and protection from many potential predators. In fact, hedges are so well suited for hedgehogs that they are responsible for the name 'hedgehog'!

Hedgehogs can roam as far as two miles in a single night as they search for the food they need and for suitable nesting places. Please consider creating a 4 inch hole at the base of your fence and side gate to help hedgehogs roam freely. Like all mammals, hedgehogs have two basic requirements to survive: a safe place to bring up young and hibernate, and a steady food supply.

Where both of these are present, a healthy hedgehog population has a great chance of surviving.




As we cover more of the land in concrete and change our landscape we are pushing wildlife into smaller corridors and pushing many species to the brink of extinction. It is still within our power in urban areas and in the countryside to support hedgehogs so please consider some of the points above and make changes to your space. Let us work together to help the hedgehogs, before it's too late.

Our Heavy Metal Hedgehog House can help by providing hedgehogs with a safe place to nest and hibernate.